grease trap requirements

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Section 890.510 Grease Interceptor Requirements . Plumbing systems for institutions or commercial establishments in which grease, fats, culinary oils or similar waste products from kitchens or food processing areas are wasted, or in which grease, fats or culinary oils are wasted in connection with utensil, vat, dish or floor cleaning processes shall include grease interceptors. All waste lines.

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You have to have hand sinks and an exhaust system and a commissary kitchen with a grease trap.” Kent Greathouse – “The. and you have to have a permit and meet the requirements for any county you.

 · Remember, these grease traps are required by law, and if they aren’t working, that’s a problem. Ideally traps should be emptied when a quarter of the total liquid volume is filled with solids or oil. This is known as the rule of 25%. After this point, more and more grease is going to flow into the interceptor. and right out again.

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 · Grease interceptors will need a plumbing and an SUDP review. In a restaurant or commercial kitchen, a change to the type of cuisine served, an increase in seating capacity, or a change in the cooking appliances could all have an impact on grease interceptor sizing.

the-counter grease trap, may be required for use on individual fixtures, including sinks, dishwashers, and other potentially grease containing drains. The location of these units must be located as near as possible to the source of the wastewater. Under-the-counter grease traps require more frequent maintenance and record-keeping.

 · In a preconstruction meeting yesterday the subject of grease trap sizing came up. I had the architect add a note on the dwgs for the trap to be sized per IPC 1003.3.4. What I had not noticed previously with the adoption of the 2009 IPC that there was an added exception to these requirements.

A grease trap is defined as a water tight device constructed to separate and trap or hold grease from the wastewater discharged from a food establishment to prevent grease from.

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Grease traps & treatment equipment. Trade wastewater contains solids, oil, grease and other substances. If you discharge it directly to sewer, it can: cause blockages and overflows. overload wastewater treatment plants. pollute our rivers and beaches.