how to install a new toilet

buying a new toilet Shopping for a New Toilet? Use this handy buying guide to help you narrow down your options. color. white toilets are most commonly preferred, but most manufacturers offer a variety of hues. Before buying a color, make sure you’re ready to live with that color.. If you buy a toilet without a.

If you want to ditch toilet paper for a Tushy, here’s what you need to install it, and how, courtesy of Tushy: 1. Remove your toilet seat by unscrewing the screws behind the seat. 2. Turn off the.

Whether you’re installing a better-flushing toilet or resetting the old one after remodeling, these tips will help you do it faster and with fewer problems. If you’re buying a new toilet, you need to know the "rough-in" measurement of the old one. For the vast majority of toilets, the waste.

Install Thetford toilet. Turn off the water to the RV. Remove the existing toilet by unscrewing the water connection and removing the nuts from the two bolts that extend from the closet seal on the floor. Lift the toilet up and remove it from the RV. Slide a new closet seal on the bottom of the toilet extension.

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Reasons to Consider Stechford Toilet Installation. Even if your old toilet is in fairly good condition, you may still want to consider having a new one installed. There are a number of benefits to doing so including: Improved aesthetics – newer toilets will match new suites and decorations better

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Related Articles. Position the toilet over the flange and lower it so that the bolts pass through each hole on both sides of the toilet. gently press the toilet down into the wax seal by slowly rocking it back and forth. Place a washer onto each bolt and tighten a nut on each bolt with a box wrench until the toilet sits flush with the floor.

To install a new toilet, first turn off the water supply and remove the old toilet. Fit a new seal around the drain hole in the floor and make sure it’s tight. Then, lift the toilet onto the floor bolts and jiggle it a bit to seal the drainage hole. Level the toilet base, then tighten the bolts and cap them.

Since the wastewater that circles the drain doesn’t come from the toilet, it’s safe to reuse on things like. Ellis said a.

 · Instructions. Loosen those screws so that you can remove the toilet tank, and set it aside. On the ground near the back of the base of the toilet you should see two plastic caps ( one on either side) that cover the nuts that attach the toilet to the floor. Unscrew the plastic caps, or pop them off.