is sydney tap water safe to drink

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All tap water is safe and all water you drink anywhere is recycled – that is what the water cycle does. The next time you have a glass of water, the statistical probability is that at least one molecule in that glass was peed out by Napoleon.

Sydney Water’s management received extensive criticism following the 1998 Sydney water crisis regarding what was believed to be the large scale contamination of Sydney’s raw water supply. The supposed contamination was heightened levels of cryptosporidium and giardia in Sydney’s Warragamba Dam.This meant the public had to take extra steps in their own homes to ensure tap water was safe to drink.

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It sells itself to the world as a pristine landscape but New Zealand’s drinking water has been exposed. a fifth of the population – were supplied with water “that is not demonstrably safe to drink”.

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Most of us drink it everyday but a 7 News investigation has discovered our tap water might not be completely safe. One western Sydney suburb’s supply was found to have excessive amounts of lead. But, Sydney Water claims we shouldn’t be worried. 7 News took water samples from 16 locations across Sydney and the Central Coast.

And along the coast it brings a suite of problems associated with managing waste, keeping the marine environment healthy, and keeping recreational swimmers safe. Sewage is not. Perth now sources 20.

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Many Australians do drink tap water primarily (give or take the odd bottle of water on the run for the sake of convenience), according to research done by Sydney Water, the state-owned company that provides drinking water and other water services across Sydney.

In all Australian cities and in towns of reasonable size, the tap water is fine to drink. Some people find the water supply in some places to taste quite mineralised as it may be drawn from artesian bores, or supplemented partly by bore water, especially over summer.

Sydney. Sydney’s drinking water supply originates from a number of storage dams located some distance from the city. The water from these storages is fed to 9 water treatment plants: cascade, Illawarra, Macarthur, Nepean, North Richmond, Orchard Hills, Prospect, Warragamba and Woronora.